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iridium 9555

Iridium 9555

Starting at $125 per month

The Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone features a redesigned and highly intuitive user interface, making reliable communication more efficient than ever. We make it so easy that you can start making calls right out of the box, skipping the traditional learning curve – and maybe even the need for a user manual. With 21 supported menu languages, the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone offers the best in native language support for global phone users.

  • Real Global
  • Real Mobile
  • Real Reliable
  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Email

Industries and Applications

First to arrive. Last to leave. Wherever and whenever disaster strikes, Iridium’s global communications network ensures help can spring instantly into action. Our satellite services are available from the moment first responders arrive through evacuations, search and rescue, cleanup and rebuilding—no matter how long it takes.
Communications to the top of the chain of command. National and regional governments alike depend on Iridium’s mobile satellite services for a wide variety of applications. Our technology allows government users to transfer large amounts of data safely—to locations no one else can reach.
Communication solutions that do the heavy lifting, because conventional wireless connectivity isn’t always where you are. Iridium’s 100% global coverage provides industrial customers with reliable, low-cost satellite communication services for business telephone, email and data transfer.
Keep on cruising with any time, any sea communications. You want your journey to be an adventure, not your communications. With Iridium, you can always stay informed and in touch at or between any ports of call — no matter how remote or choppy the waters.
Ground to air. Pole to pole. From the cockpit to the cabin, Iridium’s global communications services keep you connected, providing continuous communications no matter where your flight takes you.High-flying business solutions. Cost-effective and reliable, Iridium’s voice and data services are ideal for business jet operators looking to provide their passengers with smartphone-enabled air-to-ground telephone, SMS, email, fax and data communications anywhere business is done.
Helping you stay on track. Location monitoring, two-way communication and full tracking capabilities help public transportation authorities keep drivers in contact with dispatchers—and on course to their destinations—anytime, anywhere.

Extreme Conditions. Extreme Solutions. Hunters make a point of visiting some of the most inaccessible locations on the planet, where there are no land lines. Iridium—provides full data and voice communications anywhere on the planet.

No Equipment To Buy Plans

Voice & Data
U.S. Based Number
Voice Mail
Full Range Service Plan

12 month contract required.
RGS retains ownership of device at end of contract.

Shipping charge:
$45 for standard Fed Ex two day shipment within Continental U.S.

Range 60

  • 60 minutes/month
  • Overage: $1.25/min.

Range 100

  • 100 minutes/month
  • Overage: $1.25/min.

Range 200

  • 200 minutes/month
  • Overage: $1.25/min.

Range 360

  • 360 minutes/month
  • Overage: $1.25/min.

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Rental Plans

Voice & Data
U.S. Based Number
Voice Mail
Full Range Service Plan

RGS retains ownership of device at end of contract.


$150002 weeks
  • 2 Week Minimum
  • 75 minutes/2 weeks
  • Overage: $1.25/min.


  • 1, 2 or 3 Months
  • 75 minutes/month
  • Overage: $1.25/min.


  • 4 month minimum
  • 75 minutes/month
  • Overage: $1.25/min.